Organic Seamoss

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Health & Healing Start at Home!

With cold & flu season upon us, keeping a strong and healthy immune system for you and your family is of utmost importance!

Irish Seamoss has long been utilized as an organic, natural alternative to over the counter pharmaceuticals.

It is loaded with 92 natural minerals and antiviral properties that prevent colds and flu's and eradicates a wide range of infections and viruses  - including sore throats, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

Incorporating Seamoss daily into your drinks & meals is very easy and highly recommended for optimum health! Stock up your 'fridge with one of nature's best healers! 

Classic Golden Moss

Our Classic Moss is a staple in homes all across the country. Our clients rave about the many benefits to their physical health and overall wellness!


Purchase by the POUND!

Fresh Punch Tea

The Perfect Thirst Quencher and Refreshing Alternative to Sugary Fruit Drinks! Our Punch is 100% Natural & Made of Fresh Fruit. No Artificial Sugars or Flavors. Great Warm and Cold. Packed With Vitamin C. Super Immune Booster

Crimson Spice Tea

This Powerful Combination of Organic Herbs Offer a Spicy Kick to Repair and Restore Your Physical & Mental Health!

Elderberry Syrup

Our Deep, Rich Brew is Packed with Disease Fighting Antioxidants That Boost Your Immune System, Promote a Healthy Heart While Fighting Cancer and Diabetes.

Elderberry Sea Moss Gel

Taking healthcare up a notch - this beautiful blend of elderberries and sea moss is loaded with immune-boosting, disease-fighting antioxidants!

Fibroid Tea

This green tea contains chamomile, dandelion and nettle leaf to naturally treat, shrink and eliminate fibroids.

Sour Sop Tea

Infection-fighting, blood cell rejuvenating, cancer-fighting tea reduces coughs, inflammation & blood pressure!

Turmeric Ginger Tea

This anti-inflammatory, pain-fighting super tea is known to boost brain function, improve depression and prevent heart disease!

Hibiscus Ginger Tea

This anti-inflammatory, pain-fighting super tea is known to boost brain function, improve depression and prevent heart disease!

Black Seed Tea & Gels

This Immunity Boosting, Virus Fighting Superfood is a plant that people have used to make medicine for over 2000 years. Black Seed is famously known as, “The food that can cure anything except for death.”

Burdock Root Sea Moss Gel & Tea

THE MENTAL HEALTH REMEDY! This sweet, aromatic plant is known for its instant calming effect to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety! and it’s other benefits are AMAZING!

Bladderwrack Sea Moss

Yoni Herb Therapy

A Beautiful Blend of Herbs Targeted Toward Feminine Health & Wellness. Detox & Heal With a Yoni Steam!

Loose White Sage

Sage Can be Used in a Variety of Ways Including Burning, Brewed in a Tea and Garnishing Over Food! Use Sparingly - Large Doses are not Recommended.

Sage Sticks

3 Sticks Per Order!

BANG BANG TEA aka The Smoker's Remedy

Our ’BANG BANG TEA’  soothes respiratory issues associated with smoke exposure - like dry coughs, bronchitis, hoarseness, pneumonia, earaches, allergies, tonsillitis, sore throat, and MORE!

Cinnamon Peppermint Sea Moss

Great for relieving a range of digestive issues such as IBS & nausea related to chemotherapy! Also used for headache & migraine relief.

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