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16oz. Crimson Spice Tea

5.00 USD

16 Ounces: (Pre Brewed - Ready To Drink) This Spicy Tea warms and soothes! Our Best Seller! šŸŒ¶Lowers Blood Pressure šŸŒ¶Boosts Metabolism šŸŒ¶Relieves Pain šŸŒ¶Removes Mucus šŸŒ¶Reduces Risk of Cancer šŸŒ¶Loaded with Vitamin C šŸŒ¶Protects the Heart šŸŒ¶Fights Inflammation šŸŒ¶Soothes Intestinal Disease šŸŒ¶Help Burn Fat & Lose Weight šŸŒ¶Relieves Stress & Anxiety šŸŒ¶Eases Insomnia šŸŒ¶Boosts Brain Function šŸŒ¶Prevents UTIs šŸŒ¶Nourishes Skin šŸŒ¶Combats Tooth Decay ALL TEAS ARE SWEETENED WITH AGAVE UNLESS OTHERWISE REQUESTED. IF YOU DO NOT WANT SWEET, ADD 'NO SWEET" IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.

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