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1 Gallon Burdock Root Tea

25.00 USD

1 Gallon: (Pre Brewed - Ready To Drink) The Mental Health Tea is known for its instant calming effect to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety! Other Benefits 🍃Purifies Blood 🍃Kidney & Liver Support 🍃Soothes Coughs and Colds 🍃Prevents High Blood Sugar 🍃Treats Urinary Tract Infection 🍃Kills Bacteria 🍃Slows the Aging Process 🍃Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair 🍃Treats PMS Symptoms 🍃Reduces Fever 🍃Treat Colds, Flu and Viruses 🍃Increases Sex Drive ALL TEAS ARE SWEETENED WITH AGAVE UNLESS OTHERWISE REQUESTED. IF YOU DO NOT WANT SWEET, ADD 'NO SWEET" IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.

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